Features requests

Features requests

Postby dcop7 » Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:16 pm

1 - The ability when pressing a button (like menu button in nokia 5800) to activate the backlight (the strength specified in definitions menu) for a specified time (specified in definitions menu);
2 - The ability to change the size of the date, hour, the icons like bluetooth, etc... specially the icons, they are too small;
3 - The effect when locking the device for disappearing is nice, but should be an option the deactivate the transaction, specially when unlocking the device. When I unlock the device, the lock screen appears slowly and then disappears slowly. Some times I just want to see a message, or make a phone call without the waiting of the effect. But don't remove the effect, it is very nice;
4 - Show the seconds in the hour;
5 - The ability to change the colors of everything, and it would be nice to have the ability to put an image for the background.
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